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Claims Management

CRMA I: Property & Liability

  Claim Reporting
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Bus Loss Report
Vehicle Accident Report
Liability/Property Loss
Claim For Damagesx
Student Incident Report

Claims Manual and Procedures

Member Claims Portal

CRMA Claims Administration

CRMA II: Workers' Compensation

Third Party Administrator: Intercare Holdings
Insurance Services, Inc.
PO Box 40009
Fresno, CA 93755-0009
Claims Examiner: Karma Howell
Senior Claims Adjuster
 559-437-2921 Phone
916-781-5589 eFax
Claims Examiner: (Central USD, Yosemite USD, Burrel Union Elementary School District)
James Craig
Claims Adjuster
 559-437-2943 Phone
916-781-5616 eFax
CRMA Claims Administration
Company Nurse Injury Report Hotline: 1-877-854-6877
Company Nurse Injury Reporting Flowchart: Flowchart
Company Nurse On Call Claims Tracker: www.rtwnow.com
Company Nurse On Call Poster
Medical Network Provider Information and Forms: www.intermedccs.com/CRMAMPN
Occupational Injury or Illness Report
(Form 5020):
Form 5020
DWC-1: DWC-1
First Aid: First Aid Info
Cal-OSHA 300 Record Keeping Forms: Cal-OSHA 300 Record Keeping Forms
Return to Work Program: Program Summary
WorkSteps Program: Policies & Procedures
Member Forms: Medical Referral/Work Status/Restrictions
Notice to Medical Provider
Predesignation Form
Employee Injury/Illness Release Form
Supervisor Accident Investigation Form

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