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Claims Management

CRMA I: Property & Liability

CRMA I: Property & Liability iconCRMA I: Property & Liabilitytitle

Click Document Manager button for Claim Reporting of:
  • Bus Loss Report
  • Vehicle Accident Report
  • Liability/Property Loss
  • Claim for Damages
  • Student Incident Report
  • Claims Manual & Procedures
CRMA II: Workers' Compensation

CRMA II: Workers' Compensation iconCRMA II: Workers' Compensationtitle

InterAid Triage 1-800-367-5020
InterAid Triage Flow Chart   
Medical Network Provider Information and Forms:
Occupational Injury or Illness Report
(Form 5020):
First Aid:
Cal-OSHA 300 Record Keeping Forms:
Return to Work Program:
WorkSteps Program:
Member Forms: